Regulation Slows Down Anti-Aging Research

by Malc on February 7, 2011

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There is no doubt that anti-aging research is slowed down hugely by unnecessary bureaucracy.

Researchers in the field spend far too much of their time dealing with regulatory matters and too little of their time actually doing the anti-aging research they love. Much more of their time is spent in raising money to fund an area of research in which government has little interest.

In future years, the current regulatory environment will be seen as sheer madness. This research will, in 20-40 years, produce massive relief from suffering and avoidance of many of the diseases of old age. The burden on society that such ailments cause will also be massively reduced.

As usual, government is being short-sighted. No surprise there. What would we give for an enlightened leader?

Of course some regulation is necessary: but not the amount which so massively reduces the rate at which problems are solved such as recovery from stroke, the conquering of cancer, and of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

Here is a post by someone who deals with this type of excessive regulation every day.

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