Resveratrol Enhances Breast Cancer Treatment

by Malc on February 19, 2011

Resveratrol enhances breast cancer treatment

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Resveratrol, the polyphenol derived from red wine which appears to have anti-aging properties, has been found to have a use in anti-cancer therapy. When used alongside cancer drug rapamycin there is a strong suggestion that resveratrol enhances its treatment effect on breast cancer cells.

Rapamycin, a drug primarily used as an immunosuppressant following organ transplant, has been known to have anti-cancer properties for some time; the problem is, that after a while its effectiveness rapidly reduces as the cancer cells become resistant to it.

But when combined with the low dose of resveratrol the beneficial effects of the rapamycin are enhanced – the resistance reduces.

Specifically, a low dose of both the drug and the polyphenols served to reduce the growth of three different types of breast cancer by 50 percent in this study. This is a significant result which highlights a potentially powerful effect of the remarkable compound, resveratrol.

**The main benefit of resveratrol is that it stimulates the SIRT1 gene, and this effect has been shown to extend life in yeast cells, and in roundworms sells. This means that it is highly likely to have this same effect on human cells.

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