Resveratrol Supplements Are The Future

by Malc on January 30, 2011


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Resveratrol supplements are the future for forward thinkers.

Focus on resveratrol as a supplement came about because researchers were looking for substances which could activate the gene SIR-T1. It had been shown that by increasing the expression of this gene, yeast cells and rounds worms – the nematode worm – would live significantly longer, and healthy, lives.

Testing out various substances identified that resveratrol – found in red wine – made the SIR-T1 gene express itself more actively. This made it produce proteins called sirtuins which had the life-lengthening effects. This is why resveratrol supplements have become as popular as they have.

If you do take resveratrol supplementation, you will be in the vanguard, however: as 99.9% of the population are unaware of this important anti-aging supplement.

Along with TA 65,  resveratrol is the most important anti-aging supplement at present.

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