Serious Dentist Treatment

by Malc on January 23, 2010

teeth-crown-w200-h200I approached my first proper treatment with a little apprehension. I knew it was going to be two or three hours long, and that there was work to be done on both sides of my jaw. I could see me walking out with no feeling at all in my mouth.

You will remember I was to have two crowns fitted, a filling, and the removal of a broken root.

One thing you get in [tag-tec]Harley Street[/tag-tec] (at least in this surgery) is a flat-screen TV fitted to the roof above your dental chair, and the remote control in your hand. This was a first for me!

During this first treatment temporary crowns were to be fitted. This [tag-tec]dentist[/tag-tec] is a specialist in this area.

The injections were fairly painless. The dentist worked on the teeth to be capped shaping them to receive the crowns. She would fit temporary crowns to the teeth once they had been shaped so that they were ready to receive the proper crowns once they had been made.

After 2 1/2 hours I emerged with all the shaping work done, and temporary crowns made in the surgery, and fitted. It was noticeable the great amount of care that went into creating the temporary crowns and ensuring that they did not interfere with my bite.

The anaesthetic was not quite as strong as I had feared, indeed it was nothing like as bad.

I headed for the train and the hour-long trip home.

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