Sirtuins Are Worthy Candidates For Research

by Malc on February 14, 2011

In laboratory tests, sirtuins were found to be involved in longevity. This was discovered because cells would live much longer when one of their genes – SIRT1 – was stimulated. This gene produces the sirtuin proteins.

Gene expression pattern of the SIRT1 gene.

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Furthermore, when the activity of the SIRT1 gene was reduced, the yeast cells died sooner.

The same effect was later found in experiments on roundworms. this coincident effect led scientists to believe that exactly the same would happen with humans – who share a very large proportion of their DNA with both yeast and roundworms.

This led to a search for nutrients which would naturally stimulate the SIRT1 (and SIRT3) gene, and the discovery of resveratrol in red wine.

Resveratrol is now seen as a very promising candidate for research in anti-ageing medicine.

The role of Sirtuins in aging is covered nicely in this article which includes the section: “SIRT3: Balancing Cancer and Aging

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