Skin Cancer Levels Top 10,000

by Malc on June 5, 2009

Melanoma-w200-h200 The number of UK serious skin cancer cases has exceeded 10,000 cases in a full year. The cases of the deadly for of skin cancer – malignant melanoma – have tripled for women in the past 3 years.

For men it is even worse; cases have quintupled.

To keep yourself out of these statistics, it is vital to avoid sunburn or reddening of the skin. This is when the DNA damage which starts the cancer occurs.

Sunbed Damage

For women in particular the use of sunbeds has greatly increased since 1980.

sunbed-w200-h200Sunbeds are now triple the strength than in the past. UK pressure groups are asking for them to be banned for under 18-year-olds, and for unstaffed, coin-operated booths to be made illegal.

Marriage to Blame?  🙂

The increase for men is blamed on the availability of cheaper foreign holidays in sunny places. One could guess that stag parties may well figure in the increase too. It has become de rigeur to travel abroad for a stag – or hen – ‘do’ these days.

Moderate Sun Only

Malignant melanoma is nearly all avoided if you avoid reddening of the skin. Be moderate in your exposure to the sun; and it is probably best to stay off the sunbeds. They are just too risky. Twenty minutes on one of these is equivalent to a whole day on the beach.

Daily Mail article

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