Sophisticated Health Tests Help You Live Longer

by Malc on June 10, 2008

There are blood tests available today which makes regular blood tests from the doctor look just so-o-o-o old fashioned.

The latest research has pinpointed blood markers which can predict such ailments as diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, many cancers, and a whole raft of degenerative diseases, a decade or more before they take hold. Preventive methods are available which can help deal with most of these.

Conspiracy by our doctors? No – just that there is little money in preventing disease; but there is lots of money in curing it; i.e. drug treatment. So what research there is, is heavily slanted towards selling drugs.

One company…

…selling the more useful preventive tests – to company executives – is Biophysical Corp in Austin, Texas. For several thousand dollars you can get a whole battery of useful tests here, which will tell you if you are very, moderately, or slightly at risk. They then tell you what to do about the results.

This is the way medicine is going for the discerning consumer.

Most of us would like some cheaper ways to get the same information. They are around: keep reading.

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