Statins & Alzheimers – Right For Wrong Reason

by Malc on July 30, 2008

older_couple There is news currently about how statin drugs are associated with lower levels of Alzheimer’s disease.

This is not surprising – because statins lower inflammation; and there is a link between Alzheimer’s disease and low-level inflammation. 

However, the solution to low-level inflammation is NOT to take statin drugs. Just as the answer to cholesterol is not to take statin drug – except in isolated cases.

Measuring Low Level Inflammation

Currently, the best and cheapest way to find out if you have a raised level of low-level inflammation is to measure c-reactive protein, or CRP. This substance has a raised level if inflammation is present. This blood test is simple and not expensive.


If CRP is high, treatment to lower inflammation is a combination of herbs and nutrients. Some important options are:

– Fish oils/Omega 3 fatty acids
– The ‘master hormone’ DHEA
– Bromelain – from pineapple
– Nettle leaf
– Ginger
– Turmeric

For more details, check out Philip Miller’s excellent book: "Life Extension Revolution", p 191.

Alzheimer’s treatment protocol

And – as a general rule – don’t take the statins!

  • Senior Advocate

    Wow, it seems like every time there is some advance in ways to treat Alzheimer’s, it involves medication that can be harmful. There have to be better ways to help people deal with memory loss.

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