Stem Cell Ethics Ease… A Little

by Malc on March 3, 2009

stem-cells Stem cell ethics have started to become easier after scientists have produced the first pluripotent cell from normal skin cells. A pluripotent cell is one which can differentiate into any type of body cell.

Previously, the only pluripotents cells were those from embryos, or from the umbilical cord of the newborn.

Embryonic Research Still Necessary

For now, embryonic stem cell research will still be necessary; for example, it was only through the use of embryonic stem cells that this new method was able to be developed. However, in the future we can foresee that pluripotent stem cells will be capable of being produced from normal cells.

Genetic Engineering Arguments Remain

This easing of some ethical considerations do not rebut all genetic engineering arguments, though. Genetic engineering advantages will be many; but with them come other issues; not least, that an ordinary cell will also be able to be turned into an embryo.

This is a moral issue which we must face as, slowly but surely, we learn to use stem cells to conquer much of the suffering which degenerative diseases cause.

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