Stem Cells For Heart Attack

by Malc on February 12, 2011

Stem Cells for Heart Attack

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A new European stem cell trial starts this month. It is aimed at heart attack patients.

It has long been known that packing a person’s fat around damaged areas during an operation stimulates healing. It is now realised that this is related to the fact that fat contains many time more stem cells than bone marrow does.

In this trial a person’s fat cells will be harvested and packed around the damaged heart tissue. It is hoped that the heart will use the stem cells contained within the fat to repair some of the damage caused.

In time this process, or a variation of it will hugely reduce the additional damage which follows a heart attack, and help to repair some of the damage already caused too.

Clearly, it will not be long before stem cells are used regularly in this type of way to enhance healing dramatically.

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