Stem Cells Grow Windpipe for 10-Year Old

by Malc on March 23, 2010

This is an incredible transplant story.
Two years ago an Italian woman had part of her windpipe replaced using a transplant plus her own stem cells, after the windpipe had been eaten away by tuberculosis.
Last week a much more advanced operation was carried out on a 10-year old boy who had a congenitally narrowed windpipe; a new windpipe was grown for him – inside his own body.
The boy was having difficulties after a stent – a metal tube – was starting to malfunction. Once the new windpipe was introduced, the boy could already breath more easily than he ever had after just a few days.
How does it work? At present, a donor was needed for the ‘scaffolding’ of the windpipe. All the donor tissue is removed from the cartilaginous framework so that there is no rejection by the recipient. The windpipe was then transplanted together with a cocktail of ‘growth factors’ as well as about 30ml of the boys own stem cells – previously harvested. The body does the rest.
This is a very positve use of stem cells – and this boy and his family must be extremely happy.

BBC News – Windpipe transplant success in UK child

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  • jonathan

    Sheep-placenta extract. Live cell therapy/stem cell therapy. All I can say is it works. Charlie Chaplin was on to something!!!

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