Stem Cells & the Heart

by Malc on March 31, 2009

heart-1-200px A girl who had in the UK who had a third of her heart removed as a baby has made a full recovery.

Now 10 years old, a MRI scan can not even detect scar tissue anywhere on the heart.

Kirsty Collier was born with abnormal blood vessels which caused her serious heart problems when she was 4 months old. During a heart bypass operation, during which the heart is stopped, the surgeon was unable to restart her heart. Her parents were told there was little hope.

Having nearly given up hope the surgeon removed a huge piece of heart muscle which he thought was preventing the heart from starting. After sewing up the remaining heart tissue, the heart did, remarkably, start.

Stem Cells Provide Complete Repair

Even more remarkably, thanks to an abundance of stem cells in one so young, the whole heart has since completely repaired itself – restoring the muscle which was removed.

Kirsty is now completely fit and well.

Stem Cell Promise Tremendous Benefits

With the wider use and acceptance of stem cells which will occur over the next 10-20 years, ‘miracle cures’ such as this one will become commonplace for people of all ages.

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