TA-65 Supplement: More Info & A Possible Low-Cost Substitute

by Malc on January 27, 2011

Telomere quadruplex

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Gigi at Anti Aging Nutrition News has an interesting comments thread on TA-65 supplement.

This is the ‘supplement of the moment’, which repairs the ‘telomere’ each time the cell divides – which process otherwise eventually contributes to the cell’s decision to self-destruct. That is, it leads to death.  🙁

Although the cost of TA-65 has come down a lot, it is still expensive. Add to that the possible need for a few grand’s worth of testing, is gets pricier still.

Read through the comments at Gigi’s blog, though, and you will find recommendations for getting much of the benefit of TA-65 without all the expense.

This is a fascinating topic – and a fascinating supplement. Along with resveratrol it is the substance with the most promise in the anti-aging field.

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  • http://antiagingnutritionnews.com GiGi

    Hey Malc! 
    Thanks for posting the info!  I have some more updated posts about taking TA 65 myself for 3 months – you should check them out. 
    Did you make it to the states? How was your trip?

  • http://heymalc.com Malcolm Simmonds

    Hi Gigi – Good to hear from you!

    Yes – made it to California – was great! Had blood tests too.

    TA-65 for 3 months – impressed! I think I will be on it this year.

    Keep me up to date with your results.



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  • http://www.ta65doctor.com TA-65

    New research from TA-65 Doctor found that 80% saw improvements in immune function, mood and sense of general well-being, quality of their hair and were complemented by friends and family on improvements in their appearance.

    Here us the full study: TA-65 Users Survey

  • http://livingto150.com Malc

    OK – looks useful information. Thanks.

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