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by Malc on January 20, 2011

TA-65 - Heals the Telomere

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TA-65 seems to have huge potential. Of course – there are the nay-sayers: those who will say: “It’s a rip-off”.

But that will always be so.

The thing is, TA-65 takes tons of Astragalus to make it – so it will be expensive: though as time passes cheaper ways will be found to produce it, no doubt.

This supplement works by ‘repairing’ the telomere, which otherwise degrades in human cells each time the cell divides.

Now, this is ONE way – of the 7 known ways – that aging occurs.

So you still have to deal with the other 6. HOWEVER, this appears to be a really good fix for the one-out-of-seven causes of aging. As such, we should be pleased it has been identified – and a fix found.

Of course it will get cheaper – in fact, it already has reduced in price.

Telomeres and Aging Telomerase and Aging. Call 212-588-8805 Telomere and Aging TA-65

CBS News reports on “The Fountain of Youth in a Tiny Capsule?”

CBS News reports on a nutritional supplement that improved vision in a 67 year-old.

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