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by Malc on March 28, 2010

Imagel showing the telomere and part of the DNA

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TA-65 is a ‘supplement’ extracted from the herb Astragalus which repairs the telomere – the straggly bits at the end of our DNA wich get shorted each time our cells divide. This process – the reducing of telomere length – eventually kills us off at the age of a maximum of 120. In other words, if we were healthy enough that nothing else killed us off, the shrinking of the telomere would do so at this age.

Well, companies are now finding out how to repair the telomere. And it is resulting in increasing health and wellbeing for hundreds of people. The leader in the field is TA Sciences, who licensed the research from Geron, a leading Californian anti-aging company, who discovered it. A study showed wide-ranging anti-aging benefits – in vision, skin condition, stamina and energy and sexual function. TA Sciences make TA-65 available to all employees over 40 years old.

The downside? There are no long-term studies on it yet, so its long-term effects are not known.

It is certainly an interesting one though – let’s face it, if you are 10-20 years from likely death anyway – what can you lose trying such a therapy – which at present looks pretty safe?

This blog is worth checking out for anti-aging information on TA-65. And Al Sears – anti-aging doctor and specialist – has a DVD on the topic which you can buy.

TA-65, Astragalus, telomere

What’s a Telomere and Why is it Important to the Aging Process

The following video is excerpted from Dr. Bill Andrew’s presentation at the Manhattan Beach Project Longevity Conference. Dr. Andrews leads the scientific research and development function of Sierra Sciences.

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  • http://livingto150.com Malc

    Thanks, Ivan. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • http://www.jeunessedallastexas.com Vicky Mofford

    I became a believer after reading the studies and watching videos on this anti-aging product. I am taking TA-65 every day now for a month and I have more energy during the day and don’t feel like falling asleep at 5PM anymore. I don’t sleep for 12 hours a day instead it’s the normal 7-9 hours. It’s only been a month and I’m hoping this anti-aging supplement rids me of some gray hair as well. I take FINITI with TA65 from Jeunesse Global. There are some great articles and videos on this site that explain TA65 very well: http://www.jeunessedallastexas.com/finiti-ta-65.html. I hope this is helpful and good luck with Anti-Aging.

  • http://heymalc.com/ Malc Simmonds

    Hi Vicky – good to hear your positive results. I am planning to review my anti-aging measures in the next few weeks, having just had a battery of blood tests which I do every couple of years, and TA-65 will deffo be up for consideration. Cheers! Malc

  • http://www.jeunessedallastexas.com Vicky Mofford

    TA 65 is definetly a breakthrough and it’s only going to get better. http://www.victoriasantiaging.com/finiti-ta-65.html explains the benefits of TA 65 and has great videos and good information on the scientists who won the nobel prize behind this technology.

  • David

    Its called cycloastragenol. Astragalus itself has an insignificant amount. TA-65 extracts cycloastragenol from Astragalus.

  • Jackie Christiansen

    Maverick, TS-X (SISEL Int’l) is approximately 1/2 the price of TA65 and with over double the amount of actives. I am happy to send you the website if you would like. There are serious discounts when you buy 3 bottles + at a time

  • Jackie Christiansen

    Notbertnoon, You make a good point – the amount of the astragalus compounds in a telomere support product is extremely important. Bacopa compounds are another very important component needed to support healthy telomeres.

  • Malcolm Z

    Kind of bull…TS-X is just a very generic supplement. No mention of the TA-65 molecule, just astralagus. Read the small print first ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Jackie Christiansen

    You really need to do your research before making an incorrect statement. There is no such thing as a TA65 molecule. TA65 is the commercial name of a telomere support product that Geron Labs created and then sold to TA Sciences. I’ve mentioned the ingredients in the product. I’ve been taking it for over three years. I know exactly what’s in it because it is public information. I have also received exceptional results which I have mentioned in my comment as well. I share this information for the people that are genuinely interested in getting younger and interested in products that are designed to create effective telomere results.

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