Teeth Review

by Malc on October 20, 2009

teeth-cat-w200-h200Do you take good care of your teeth?

I go to a local dentist who answers my questions and I think does a reasonable job. But how good is it? I will check – by visiting Harley Street.

Visiting a dentist is a bit like having your car mended – how do you judge it has been done well?

Well, I thought it might be interesting for my readers, to have a thorough review of my own tooth health so I could see if everything was as fine as I thought.

This is an anti-aging issue – because present or future infections in the tooth or worse, in the root canal, can spew out toxins into the body, seriously affecting it.

The Plan

I have been researching a very good dentist, and have found one who I think is extremely good as well as being a warm person. I will first go for a consultation to see what she says about my teeth in general. If I am happy, I will then proceed as a guinea pig, carrying out her recommendations, and keeping you informed about the progress and the results.

As I go along, I will tell you what I learn, so you can apply that to your own situation.

It is likely to cost quite a bit of money – but I think it is worth it. And I will find out whether my confidence in my current dental arrangements is well placed.

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