The Benefit Of Dental Crowns

by Malc on February 13, 2010

teeth-crown-w200-h200A crown, or, cap, is used when a tooth has worn down or to prolong its life if it has a large filling.

I certainly did not realise that a crown could make a tooth last longer. I also wrongly believed that having a crown made you needed a root canal filling. This is not the case.

A tooth with a large filling in the middle will have two cusps, front and back, which are liable to crack off. This is because of the pressure down on the filling from the tooth above, which tends to spread the filling, pushing the cusps outwards. I had a number of teeth with large filling – a remnant from childhood when dentists seems to drill big holes in all your teeth.

When you have a large filling in a tooth, by having a crown which completely covers the tooth the pressure from the tooth above is absorbed by the crown, protecting the underlying tooth. This makes the tooth last longer.

As it is my aim to live to be at least 150 I need to have my teeth lasting as long as possible.

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