The Four Ways We Kill Ourselves

To remain healthy as we age there are processes we must deal with. In particular, there are four major causes of cell damage – which will reduce their function or kill them. I call these processes the “four -ations”.

The “four -ations” are:

  1. Methylation
  2. Oxidation
  3. Glycation
  4. Inflammation

It is possible to address each of these four processes successfully thereby reducing them significantly. It is also possible to measure our improvement by using blood tests.


What is Methylation?

Methylation is a fundamental detox process occurring constantly in every cell, without which it could not function. Chemically, it is the process of moving a methyl group – CH3 – around in a cycle. For this to happen, there has to be a source for the required methyl groups – the raw material; there also need to be certain catalysts present – primarily B vitamins – to enable the cycle to happen.

A lack of either raw material or the required catalysts causes a blockage to the cycle leading to serious health issues.

Why does Methylation Lead To Aging?

Methylation is a detox process. When it is working well, the body can:

  • Destroy cancer-causing toxins
  • Repair damage DNA
  • Produce certain anti-aging hormones

When methylation is not working well, degeneration and aging will occur. For example, deficient methylation is probably the most important indicator of heart and artery disease. In fact, although much less well-known, methylation is a more important indicator than cholesterol level.

This lack of awareness is largely because of the huge publicity afforded to cholesterol lowering drugs – statins – and the massive profits they produce. It is also a ‘time thing’: it typically takes 25 years for the medical profession and the newspapers to come around to a new idea, in this case the fact that methylation is so vitally important.


What is Oxidation?

Oxidation is the loss of an electron by an atom or molecule. If an important molecule loses an electron – say a vital protein or an enzyme – this can easily cause serious damage.

This oxidation is caused by FREE RADICALS. Free radicals are produced as part of many body processes. The body has evolved to counteract their production. ANTI-OXIDANTS will immediately immobilize free radicals. Too many free radical increase aging; by mopping them up, anti-oxidants reduce aging.

Why Does Oxidation Lead to Aging?

If there are not enough anti-oxidants to make safe the number of free radicals, the free radicals start to disrupt the body’s healthy cells. Many body processes can easily be disrupted in this way, leading to widespread damage and aging.


What is Glycation?

Glycation is a damaging combination of a sugar molecule with a protein molecule to create a distorted structure. As the amount of glycation increases these damaged structures tangle together and start to produce huge numbers of free radicals. These are called ‘AGEs’ – Advanced Glycation End-products.

Why Does Glycation Lead To Aging?

Glycated tissue is hard and inflexible. It is responsible for wrinkling of skin – a clear sign of aging. It also produces similarly inflexible tissues throughout the body. The organs worst affected by glycation are those where flexibility is crucial: the brain, heart, eyes and kidneys.

These effects of glycation bring on aging rapidly.


What Is Inflammation?

Generally, inflammation is characterised by heat, swelling and pain. However the type of inflammation which leads to aging is insidious; it is LOW GRADE inflammation which can permeate the whole body. This does not announce itself by heat, swelling and pain; but can only easily be detected through blood tests.

Why Does Inflammation Lead To Aging

More and more research is showing a positive link between low grade inflammation and:

  • Heart and artery disease
  • Alzheimer’s disease, and
  • Cancer

The processes through which low grade inflammation promotes these serious degenerative diseases lead inexorably to aging and death at an earlier age than would otherwise happen.

The Importance Of Dealing With The ‘4 -ations’

Dealing with the “4 ations” are a vital part of any anti-aging programme. They are dealt with quite easily if there is a willingness to change your diet and take some nutrients and herbs.

These 4 aging process can be measured while undergoing changes in diet and supplement intake. It is then possible to see if your chosen approach to dealing with these important issues is effective.

For more information on each of the ‘-ations’ see these articles: Methylation, Oxidation, Glycation and Inflammation.

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