Why Excellent Blood Tests Are So Important

by Malc on June 19, 2008

As an indication of why excellent blood tests are so important to longevity, I like this quote from Philip Miller’s ‘Life Extension Revolution’:

…we know that the key to beating disease is to respond to early signs of cellular dysfunction, long before the first sign or symptom appears. While full-blown disease is often unstoppable, the cellular mechanisms that begin the disease process are relatively easy to influence. By quenching these tiny sparks, we can prevent the fires from igniting.

The value of blood tests is in the early warning they can give before signs and symptoms turn into diseases.

blood-testsInterpreting the results might be easier than you think. For example, the results of my first blood test surprisingly identified high cholesterol. The lab made it simple for me by putting the desired range in one column, and writing ‘high’ next to it for me to see clearly.

And now I know it is so, I can do something about it before it produces heart and artery disease.

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