“Therapeutic Antibodies” Target Bacteria & Cancer Cells

by Malc on December 15, 2008

antibodies Important Longevity Weapon

Many, if not most, people die eventually of an infection which gets hold because we are weakened for some reason. Pneumonia is common. It is important for longevity that we can deal with such infections effectively as well as other immune system challenges such as autoimmune diseases.

Most drug companies have cut back on antibiotic research because it is not cost effective for them. They spend fortunes to develop an antibiotic, then the microbes jolly well adapt to it! Conventional drug companies also have little idea how to deal effectively with autoimmune diseases.

Some smaller biotech companies, however, are quickly developing very effective approaches to dealing with immune system problems.

The "Therapeutic Antibody" Approach

Simon Moroney, CEO of MorphoSys, has a library of 12 billion human antibodies, which provides the company with valuable data to help them to use simple building blocks to fight disease.

Antibodies are the weapons our defensive white blood cells use to fight infection and disease. Sometimes, however, the white cells do not produce enough of the right type of antibodies to cure us. Morphosys has worked out how to create antibodies in a Lego-like fashion as well as how to deliver them to specific targets: such as to pathogenic cells (bacteria or viruses); or to deal with auto-immune diseases, such as many cancers, rheumatoid arthritis, some thyroid diseases and lupus.

This therapeutic antibody approach is currently hot medicine.

It holds tremendous promise for longevity as it will be:

  • Effective
  • Quick to construct a closely targeted agent, and
  • Will have few side effects

It will be interesting to see whether existing drug companies can take over companies like MorphoSys and keep up their ‘business as usual’; or whether the smaller companies’ size is a big advantage to them in this rapidly growing field of biotechnology. Either way, this is great medicine on the horizon for those interested in longevity.

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