Trip to Harley Street Dentist

by Malc on January 3, 2010

teeth-w200-h200Having arrived at the [tag-tec]dentist[/tag-tec] in [tag-tec]Harley Street[/tag-tec] I went through the then a thorough examination. The dentist was very pleasant and friendly and made me feel completely at home.

After the consultation she took me through her findings. These were made much more comprehensible by the use of photographs. It was incredible to see excellent photographs of my teeth as she explained what was going on.

I have mentioned before that the photographs showed decay all-rounder large filling which no previous dentist had mentioned to me. This had obviously been going on for quite a while, and needed sorting out.

This alone was enough to convince me that I have come to the right place. Added to the strong recommendation of someone I trust, my decision was made I would certainly trust this person and go through their recommended treatment.

It is quite expensive, though, so I would spread it out over the course of a year.

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