Visit To Colorado Anti-aging Clinic

by Malc on April 12, 2009

I have definitely decided now to visit Dr Terry Grossman’s clinic in Denver, Colorado, in July 2009.

tgrossman Terry heads one of the leading anti-aging clinics in the world. I met him last November at Convergence08, and was impressed by his knowledge and demeanour.

The 2-day programme is not cheap; but it is comprehensive. It is different from the blood tests I had done in Fort Lauderdale last year in that there are extra tests; and there is a lot more interpretation. The clinic’s approach seems to be more ‘here’s how to develop a programme for life yourself’.

The Grossman Wellness programmes

It’s a long way to go, but I am creating a number of travel websites and will make Colorado the focus of one of them, thus killing two birds with one stone.  By all accounts Colorado is a beautiful state – especially in July.

Over the next few weeks I will highlight some of the treatments I will be having.

  • http://VisittoColoradoAnti-agingClinic Laurie

    Does this clinic also deal with Adrenal testing..such as 24hr. Comprehensive Urine testing?

  • Malc

    Hi Laurie, I expect they do. But I think that sort of testing could also be done via Life Extension Foundation who collect blood at 100 places throughout USA. But if you want thorough support and in-depth advice I do recommend Terry Grossman – though it’s not cheap of course.


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