Wrinkle Cream Scramble at £200 per pot

by Malc on August 13, 2009

super-h-serum-lg-w200-h200The latest [tag-tec]anti-wrinkle[/tag-tec] potion has hit the shelves. From US company 3Lab, Super h Serum has wowed various celebs.

The product centres on three ingredients: a bio-engineered [tag-tec]human growth hormone[/tag-tec] (HGH), stem cells from a rare apple with long-life properties, and EUK134 an anti-oxidant.

Folk are queueing up to buy at $300 (£200) a pop.

Natural Methods To Counter Wrinkles

Whether or not you get the Super h Serum, there are cheaper – and more deeply acting – ways to reduce wrinkle formation.

Firstly, cut right down on eating food cooked at high temperatures – especially browned food. This cuts down [tag-tec]glycation[/tag-tec – which is the cause of wrinkles.
(Glycation article)
Secondly, you can generate your own human growth hormone through a special type of exercise – interval training. This remarkable type of exercise has multiple health benefits, including turning fat into lean muscle and increasing the size of heart and lungs – in a way which is very beneficial for our health.

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    I can’t believe that people actually pay this sort of money for these things. I think the better option is to eat a healthy diet, exercise and grow old gracefully!

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