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When cancer has been diagnosed the next important step is for Doctors to find out whether the cancer has metastasised, or spread from its original site to somewhere else.

New research is focusing on what causes the spread and the results are giving new hope to improving prognosis and treatment of the disease.

Exosomes are microscopic “bubbles” which break off from cancer cells. They are full of proteins and genetic messenger molecules.

The more exosomes a tumour produces, the more quickly cancer can spread.

So scientists at Weill Cornell Medical College, are concentrating on these and are getting positive results, making this a significant breakthrough in the future of treating cancer.



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English: Jogging with dog at Carcavelos Beach ...Recently the results from a long-term cardiovascular study were presented and the findings were very interesting.

Researchers in Denmark documented the health of approximately 20,000 adults living in Copenhagen and discovered that jogging regularly, may increase your life by up to 6 years.

The study started in 1976 and found that men jogging as little as 60 minutes a week outlived other men who didn’t by an average 6.2 years, while women averaged 5.6 years.

It also showed that you don’t have to pound the pavements either, a slow to average pace in enough to make a difference.

The health benefits of jogging have long been argued by experts, but this study conclusively proves that you don’t have to put very much effort into keeping healthy to derive the benefits to your lifespan.



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April 10, 2012

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